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Activities to do

Whether it’s mountainside cycling or creating a personalized perfume, make your own bespoke itinerary that match your interests and pace.



Plumbon Trekking

Traverse the stunning rice fields, verdant fields, and tranquil rivers that

make up this picturesque landscape. Greet the friendly locals and discover the rich cultural heritage that defines this beautiful region. Whether you're

a seasoned trekker or a nature enthusiast, Plumbon Trekking promises

an unforgettable outdoor adventure that will leave you

feeling invigorated and inspired.

Village Cycling

Explore the stunning landscape on two wheels and take in the

breathtaking scenery along the way. As you cycle through the village, you'll have the opportunity to stop at several home industries under the guidance

of Rumah Atsiri. Learn about traditional methods of production, participate

in the creation of unique products, and purchase souvenirs to support

these home industries.muted colors.


Start your day with a calming yoga session led by our expert instructors. Whether you prefer the fresh morning air outside or a serene indoor setting, our yoga practice is the perfect way to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. Our classes are tailored to all levels, from beginners
to experienced practitioners.

Jemparingan Javanese Traditional Archery

In 1755-1792, the first King of the Yogyakarta Palace decreed that Jemparingan could be studied by people outside the kingdom to cultivate the warrior spirit of the Javanese people. Under the expert guidance of archery masters, you'll learn the stories and techniques behind this timeless practice and discover a new appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of Java.



Aromatic Garden Tour

With more than 120 essential oil plants from Indonesia and abroad, each with its own enticing story, fragrance, and characteristics, this garden has the most diverse collection of essential oil plants. Visitors can smell or taste some plants with guidance from our educators. They will gladly assist the visitors to decide which bark, leaves, or petals to pluck.

Introduction to
Essential Oil Distillation

Delve into the ancient art of extracting aromatic essences from plants and unlocking their therapeutic and sensory benefits. Learn about the different methods employed, from traditional steam distillation to modern techniques like cold-press extraction. Understand the significance of plant selection, harvesting, and preparation in obtaining high-quality essential oils. Whether you are a curious enthusiast,
a budding aromatherapist, or simply intrigued by the world of essential oils, our Introduction to Essential Oil Distillation will provide you
with a solid foundation to embark on your aromatic journey.

Cetha Temple Visit

This Hindu temple was built in the 15th century, towards the end of the Majapahit era. According to legend, the local residents around the temple, in Gumeng Village, have a close ancestral lineage with the Hindu community in Gianyar, Bali. The temple is adorned with fertility symbols and is believed to be a place for "ruwat" (cleansing from negative energy).

Sukuh Temple Visit

Situated at 1,100 meters above sea level, this Hindu temple boasts
a unique architecture reminiscent of the Mayan and Incan temples found in Mexico. Legend has it that the temple was built in the 15th century
as a place to "ruwat" or cleansing oneself from negative energy.
The temple exudes a sense of sacredness that is palpable
as one steps into its grounds.


Mindful Bathing

This ancient practice harnesses the healing properties of the natural world
to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation. Immerse yourself in the peaceful surroundings of Atsiri Jawa’s garden, and cultivate awareness of your body, mind, and environment. Our expert guides will help you connect with nature, providing a rejuvenating experience for both body and mind.


This meditation practice harnesses the energy around us, training us to be grateful to the Creator and nature for giving us life.  The goal is to purify the energy within our bodies and cultivate the ability to accept everything that happens to us - whether in the past, present or future. Join us for
an enriching and enlightening experience that will leave you
feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


The word "ruwat" in Javanese means to remove bad luck or negative energy. For Javanese people, ruwatan is a way to seek blessings for safety, health, peace, inner tranquility, prosperity, and happiness for oneself
and one's family. This Javanese traditional ceremony has been
preserved for centuries.

Canthing Candra

Find the batik pattern that corresponds to your birth date based on the Javanese calendar (weton). Canthing Candra offers guests a journey of self-discovery as they paint batik symbols based on their candra or innate personality traits. Immerse yourself in this mindful experience and connect with the rich cultural heritage of Central Java.

Special Tea Brewing

Discover the history and art of tea brewing sourced from Kemuning Tea Plantation. Situated on the western slopes of Mount Lawu, the Kemuning Tea Plantation has a rich heritage, having once been part of the Praja or Mangkunegaran Kingdom in 1757. Learn about the tea-making process while indulging in the flavors of this special drink.

Racik Candra Raksi

Racik Candra Raksi is a personalized body care service that invites you to embark on a mindful journey through our Healing Garden. Our expert practitioners will guide you through the therapeutic benefits of Javanese plants, helping you distinguish their unique aromas and explore the philosophy behind traditional aromatic blends. You'll then have the opportunity to create your own signature scent and learn how to make your own body oil or body lotion, promoting kindness to your body and the environment. Experience the transformative power of personalized body care and discover a new level of well-being at Atsiri Jawa.

Culinary Experience


Trek through forests and villages, gathering natural ingredients that grow in the wild to be transformed into a delicious meal. Experience the thrill
of cooking with these fresh ingredients combined with local flavors, and enjoy your meal in the heart of nature. Connect with nature and
learn about
the local culture!


Embark on a journey of self-care through food. Harvest fresh ingredients straight from our garden and prepare a delicious meal with the guidance of our talented chefs. This activity blends the freshness of nature with the richness of local cuisine. Discover the health benefits of eating and cooking fresh ingredients, and nourish yourself with nutritious food as
an act of self-care.


Madusita offers a high tea experience that invites you to slow down and savor the rich heritage of Kemuning Tea Plantation, dating back to the
Dutch era. Indulge in Atsiri Jawa’s special cup of tea, accompanied by delicious local sweets, and take a moment to relax and unwind in the tranquil surroundings of Atsiri Jawa.  High tea has a fascinating history, dating back to the 1800s. Today, Madusita celebrates this tradition with
a modern twist, offering a luxurious and unforgettable high tea experience.

Racik Jamu

Derived from the Javanese words jampi, meaning prayer or wish, and usada, meaning health, the word jamu represents the deep-rooted belief that herbal remedies are not only meant to heal the body, but also to uplift the spirit. Our skilled practitioners will guide you through the process of creating classic Jamu tonics, using natural herbs and rhizomes that have been trusted for their rejuvenating properties for over 1,300 years. With their expert guidance, you will learn about the various benefits of each ingredient, and the careful and precise methods of mixing and preparing them to create potent and delicious tonics.


Jeep Adventure

Trek through forests and villages, gathering natural ingredients that grow in the wild to be transformed into a delicious meal. Experience the thrill
of cooking with these fresh ingredients combined with local flavors, and enjoy your meal in the heart of nature. Connect with nature and
learn about
the local culture!

West Lawu Discovery

A series of adventures combining trekking and cycling that begins at Candi Sukuh, along the western slopes of Mount Lawu, and learn about the culture and social life of the local community. Along the way, guests will stop at several home industries for a rest and indulge in local cuisine in the village. All while gaining knowledge about one of the last legacies of the Majapahit Kingdom.

Mangkunegara Legacy Trail

Embark on a natural adventure combining trekking and cycling on the gentle slopes of Mount Lawu with the Mangkunegaran Legacy Trail. Immerse yourself in the tranquil energy of Mount Lawu while learning about the cultural heritage of Pura Mangkunegaran as we pass through villages along the way.

Atsiri Museum Tour

The history of essential oils stretches back to as early as 2,000 BC. In Rumah Atsiri Museum, you can follow the journey of discovering essential oils and how they spread all over the world (especially in Indonesia). The museum also preserved original equipment and tools used to produce essential oils: from 50-year old essential oil bottles and documents to vintage distillation machines, find out the history behind Indonesia's dream to be one of the most prominent players in the world's essential oil industry.

Girilayu Batik Experience

Discover the unique cultural heritage of Batik, a Javanese art form recognized by UNESCO. Experience the traditional process of making Batik Girilayu and learn about the history and philosophy of Javanese culture through the  patterns used in batik. The Girilayu batik is distinguished by the use of natural dyes made from plants and other organic materials, resulting in soft and muted colors.

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