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The primary approach to a balanced mind, body, and soul is a definite connection: with other people, nature, and ourselves. Aromatic Wellness Program is designed to rejuvenate the body and nurture the mind, offering a perfect harmonization of stunning sceneries, healthy cuisine, and mindful activities. Nourish yourself with the wonders of essential oils, herbs, and natural remedies to enhance the aromatic journey during the program.

Every activity's objective is to train the consciousness by making yourself present, reconnecting to your inner self with the slow-paced program. Start your journey by coming back to your very first home: your body and mind, with yoga and meditation.


The wellness tour is the chance to reconnect with your body through a mindful and adventuresome exercise in a scenic natural landscape, such as trekking around the complex.

Healthy Cuisine
What we put inside your body is as important as the physical movement and consciousness exercise. Our delicacies are prepared with healthy, local ingredients with plant-based alternatives that embody the concept "from the garden to table." Savor every bite during mindful eating, with a flavor to relish and friendly for every palate.



Feel rejuvenated at the beginning and end of each day. Our insightful host will be ready to assist and help you with every inquiry you have while staying at the Atsiri Glamping.

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